Your Home, Your Safety

When it comes to your structure, the safety of those who call it home is of the utmost importance. Smith Restoration & Waterproofing offers home inspection services for new construction or homebuyers looking to attend to every detail of safety and protect their investments from the beginning.

With a thorough investigation into each property, our inspectors will inspect inside and out with residents' everyday safety in mind. We provide itemized lists of each area covered, as well photographic evidence and technical recommendations on what may need to be repaired or modified. Each walk-through is a chance to assure peace of mind and security in your structure for years.

In the case of a structural aspect not passing inspection, please review our construction services to resolve it in a timely, skilled fashion. For more details about our home inspections or to schedule your own soon, please contact us.

Our licensed, qualified home inspections attend to the following areas*:

  • Roofing: covering, drainage, chimneys, skylights, potential leaks
  • Exterior: windows, outdoor spaces, exterior trims, entryway doors, garages
  • Interior: walls, floors, steps, railings, cabinets, interior windows/doors
  • Structural Components: foundations, flooring structure, crawl spaces, walls, columns, attics, basements, ceilings
  • Plumbing System: interior water supply and distribution system, piping,
    insulation, fixtures and faucets, potential leaks, vent system
  • Electrical System: service entrance conductors, distribution panels, voltage ratings, circuit conductors, electrical fixtures and receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupters, smoke detectors, any exposed wiring
  • Heating/Cooling Systems: heating equipment, cooling equipment, automatic safety controls, fuel heating devices, heat distribution systems, piping, normal operating controls
  • Insulation & Ventilation: insulation and vapor retarders, ventilation systems, operation of fan, thermostatic control
  • Built-in Appliances: observation and operation of permanently installed dishwashers, ranges, cook tops, ovens, trash compactors, garbage disposals, ventilation equipment, microwaves

* This list is including but not limited to the above factors and is subject to change based on property.

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