LEED-Certified Buildings

We are proud to offer LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) expertise for every new construction project. As the most globally-used green building rating system, LEED buildings focus on individualized construction, design, and operation plans that increase sustainability. With a goal to save more resources and generate less waste, LEED qualifications are an option for all building projects to create healthier structures that are more efficient in both cost and energy.

Our LEED professionals are certified by the U.S. Green Building Council and hold advanced knowledge in the highly specialized areas of green building. We can offer a wide variety of practical suggestions on your construction project to assure its LEED certification, ranging from the structure's overall sustainability to specific recommendations on design features.

Designing your LEED Project

Whether it's a personal home, neighborhood development, or commercial building design, the opportunity to make your space more environmentally-conscious and energy-friendly will pay off for both residents and developers in the long term. Contact our Director of LEED Projects, Alex Smith, for further details to plans your next LEED structure.