BSI Lead Auditor Certification

Our president Charles Smith is a certified Lead Auditor, having completed BSI's Lead Auditor competency course on the ISO 13485:2016 standard.

This expertise brings with it the principles of leading management systems and process audits to every angle of our business, in accordance with ISO 19011. ISO Lead Auditors can guide and advise on of a variety of industries, including engineering, company management, consulting, pharmaceuticals, and medical device manufacturing, among many others.

Additionally, our capabilities can attend to food processing and manufacturing, held to AIB inspection standards. Please contact us for more details.

Benefits of an ISO Lead Auditor

All Smith Restoration & Waterproofing projects are planned and directed under the proper ISO standards. The technological, management, and design standards set forth by ISO ensure that our services provide the results you want. This knowledge of industry product and service specifications lends an efficiency to our work, knowing it's done correctly the first time.

Adhering to the ISO standards saves our customers both time and money, plus improve project efficiency overall. By following our own work to a quality management system, the services Smith Restoration & Waterproofing provides are guaranteed to be safer, more reliable, and of good quality.

Conducting Audits

Our certified ISO Lead Auditor can conduct audits for your company on your behalf, with Charles's experience and practical background. Conducting your own internal audits can bring with it many connections for your business, such as the forming of organizational responsibilities, identifying of breakdowns in work processes, marking opportunities, and more.  

Effective communication accompanies each step of the audit process. An audit of your company includes:

  • Understanding and modifying quality management decisions and guidelines
  • Explaining purpose of ISO standards and series and how they can be applied to your company
  • Conducting phases of internal audits
  • Holding meetings with key company stakeholders to gain valuable insights
  • Planning and observing of on-site activities for review
  • Reporting of results and findings of audit
  • Strategizing next-steps and further processes for your company

If you're interesting in having a certified audit of your company, please contact Charles Smith with more detailed information.