What's an Infrared Inspection?

Infrared technology registers the infrared radiation, or heat, emitted by objects. Electronic sensors like night-vision goggles or infrared cameras can detect that heat and point where it's coming from, even if it's not visible on the surface. Therefore, an infrared camera can make a huge difference in construction, especially during a home inspection.

Our infrared inspections are conducted in an efficient, non-invasive manner. As a uniquely effective enhancement to our home inspection services, we are able to provide user-friendly photos and information to determine needed repairs and improvements. This advanced technology is able to show current and potential problems before they even appear to the eye.

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Types of Infrared Inspections


Many problems within a roofing system may lie hidden from the surface, but are easily noticed by our infrared camera. This way, we don't need to remove good roofing material to discover the source of a leak or another roofing issue. By noticing any structural sensitivities, we can also detect potential problems to the roofing system before they happen, and avoid significant roof repairs in the future.

Water Damage & Moisture

Infrared inspections can be performed to identify the source of heating and cooling losses. Oftentimes, this temperature loss can be from poorly installed windows and doors, inadequate wall insulation, or moisture intrusion.

Smith Restoration & Waterproofing can find the variations of your building's temperature that may relate to problems in the structure. Our infrared cameras will indicate any extra moisture or insulation issues with your structure that can lead to temperature loss and higher utility costs.


Our infrared inspections can also indicate areas of electrical issues, such as circuit breakers emitting higher levels of heat, electrical faults, or overloaded circuits. These electrical problems will result in easily-noticeable hot spots picked up by our infrared cameras and can be addressed by a professional electrician.

Additional Findings

Other possible results of an infrared inspection can include:

  • Pest infestations
  • Dangerous emission leaks
  • Structural openings
  • Heated flooring issues
  • Airflow constrictions

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